Natalie Sampson Designs -  Unique lighting & furniture made from everyday objects
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I studied at the University for the Creative Arts and graduated with BA (hons) degree in Applied Art. I am currently an artist/designer maker in residence at the Nucleus Art Studios in Medway, UK.

My intention is to awaken the potential of how everyday objects can be creatively reused outside their original contexts. I like my work to be playful and unexpected, and enjoy exploring the different types of functionality and aesthetics that can be achieved by constructing everyday objects in a fun and creative way.   If you are interested in buying or commissioning any of the pieces you see on my website, please send your enquiries via my email at the bottom of this page.  Some of my works are held in stock, whilst other more complicated pieces are made to order.  

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Check back soon for new updates to my website. There's much more to come!
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